2004-07-03 - 3:02 p.m.

Yay, a page for my diaryrings! Lovely!

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about me
Jess, 21 years old, single, bisexual, honest, unique, Southern, caring, mischievous, kick-ass, friendly, uncoordinated, funny, emotional, beautiful, sexy, trustworthy, searching, open-minded, giving

my friends, dreams, hugs, laughter, children, piercings, music, purple, forensic science, horoscopes, blue eyes, snow, animals, the 80s, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Van Gogh, the night, movies, candles, big cities, horror movies, Invader Zim, Orbit Spearmint gum, keychains, Happy Bunny, Maddox

general ignorance, homophobia, bad spelling/grammar, sneezing, organized religion, yelling, being alone, confrontation, dishonesty, people who try to tell me how to feel, falling for people you're unable to be with, arrogance, pop culture, people who always make things out to be about them, Coca-Cola, Brad Pitt, skinny chicks that are convinced they're fat